The world of humans and spirits.
A Youkai (妖怪) is a demon, spirit, or apparition, which in Japanese folklore often make themselves known to the human world by possessing inanimate objects. Their souls take over a lantern like the Chochin-obake or an umbrella, the Kasa-obake.
As humans, and especially as children, we have the power to create our own youkai. As children tuck in their teddy bears at night or protect their dolls from harm, they attribute real emotions and ideas into these inanimate objects, enduing it with a soul and creating their own youkai with its own world.
In this post-internet world, we are now apart, where age, location, orientation, and gender are becoming more fluid and blurred to the point of unimportance some seek to hang onto these ideals.
CANDYATOM (C.アトム) on the other hand asks why not, out of the amalgamation of society, create your own world. Be your own mix of everything and nothing, boy and girl, everywhere and nowhere. Not from here. ここしゅうっしんじゃない。
Photo credits:  Simon Armstrong