?Landing in North East London, CANDYATOM is genderless clothing for all you aliens. Created by artist FIFI EVELYN, who has throughout her entire lifetime taken influence from Sci-Fi, Video Games, and Japanese POP culture. She approaches her art through the looking glass of an alien arriving on earth for the first time. And so through our motto ここしゅっしんじゃない。[Not from here] we want you to do the same. Join us on our galactic voyage, through time, space, and levelling up.




?In this post-internet world, we are now apart, where age, location, orientation, and gender are becoming more fluid and blurred to the point of unimportance some seek to hang onto these ideals. 

CANDYATOM on the other hand asks why not, out of the amalgamation of society, create your own world. We focus on our unique perspective rather than Earth's seasons to allow you to focus on yours. Be your own mix of everything and nothing, boy and girl, everywhere and nowhere.
Not from here.